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January 29, 2010 COOL STUFF No Comments

Although not visual, London-based artist Larry Archiampong’s “Jam in the Dark” performance is certainly art and certainly a cool concept.  No pictures were available for this one.  In the words of Larry:  “Being in the dark I’ve never been interested in documenting the look of the performance as that would compromise it.”

In other words, this is art that’s happening in the dark so you can’t see it!

Where:  Tate Britain’s “Late at Tate: Afrodizzia”; When: Feb. 5, 18:30-21:30; Participants: Kimathi Donkor, Kunal Patel, Sharon Dabrowa, Roi Driscoll, Ben Youngman, Barbara Lambert, and Larry Archiampong.

Again, in the words of Larry:

“Ok, its as simple as ABC…I create a dark space, I’m talking pitch black, so no one who enters can see us and we cannot see each other. We take our instruments into this dark space with the emphasis of improvisation in mind, but we take it that step further. We rely on each other’s sense of sound and feeling to communicate with one another, meanwhile the audience becomes bound to this void of nothing to see and everything to hear and feel. It’s like the heat of a club night but without the silly sparkles, or a meditation in the presence of people you cannot see. It’s a personal and interpersonal experience all at once. It’s a cycle of service by letting go, giving back and receiving! JAM IN THE DARK!”

JAM IN THE DARK can be straightforward or complex, depending on how one perceives the experience. It houses a variety of musicians who possess ranging instruments in a void where nothing can be seen, but all is heard and felt.

The skill level of the musician does not matter (to a degree)

The level of experience the musician possess does not matter (to a degree)

The look of the artist, musician or viewers won’t even matter because nothing will be visible, but all will be heard.

JAM IN THE DARK abandons visual sensory to explore enhanced dynamics regarding the auditory, somatosensory, gustatory and olfactory systems.

The first person experience of JAM IN THE DARK transcends that of the third person (i.e. archived footage). Like a “one time only” encounter, the vibes that are given out (from the musicians) and received (from the attendees) will always differ and no jam is the same since everything is improvised.

“The cover of the book is abandoned. The pages may take us anywhere.”


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