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December 10, 2009 COOL STUFF No Comments

What you’re looking at is Edgar Mueller’s large-sized street painting (280 square meters).  Executed for the Prairie Arts Festival, 2009, (held in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan) Turning Riverstreet into a River is the biggest 3D sidewalk painting to date.  Local artists helped him execute the piece which turned Riverstreet into a river culminating in the “falls”.

The non-permanence of a lot of the contemporary art we see these days is something I’ve been thinking about lately.  Walk into any gallery or art fair and video art seems to be on the rise which I suppose is a reflection of our time.  More on this later…

Things I came across this week and definitely don’t find cool – The “Head Lice” exhibit that opened last year (April, 2008) at the Museum of Bat Yam, Tel Aviv.  The perimeters set by the museum centered on the theme  of “hosting and guests”.  Artists from around the world were invited to submit their proposals.  Seven artists from Germany were the winners with their proposal to live at the museum (thus the “guest” part) with their lice-infested hair (thus the “host” part).   To the artists’ credit, they did wear shower caps, but still… I don’t get why anyone would call this art.  Does this mean that the next time your child is sent home with head lice, you should put a shower cap on them and immediately send them back to school with a note – Please don’t interfere with art?

I think if anyone is going to host anything on their heads, someone with dreadlocks should build a nest and host a bird saved from an oil slick – honestly, that would actually make more sense (to me anyway).

*The work appearing on the Home Page Top Bar/Thumbnail is Edgar Mueller’s Turning Riverstreet into a River (Prairie Arts Festival, 2009, held in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan)


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