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Vahap Avsar’s Notes On Works And Silence Of Unspeakable

April 14, 2010 Art Thoughts No Comments
Vahap Avsar’s Notes On Works And Silence Of Unspeakable

Vahap Avsar's "Supreme", 2008


This is the first work I have produced after an 11 years hiatus from making and showing art. It was my desire to make a simple and completely conceptual form from an idea I could not manage to get rid of in my head for a long time. ALLAH is the most sacred word of all for the muslim world but it has became mostly feared in the non-muslim world because of the increasing polarization and confrontations of the muslim world and the western world. I wanted to make a piece about this concept and decided I had to use the purest material and language. Neon is the most iconic art material in contemporary art and functions like oil painting also inherently western and non-muslim. One can not speak of this concept without careful calculations which bring hesitations not to offend or insult which is where “the silence of unspeakable” comes to mind.

Vahap Avsar's "Brotherhood", 2009

Vahap Avsar's "Brotherhood", 2009

Play/war, evil/good, right/wrong are the perfect set of dichotomies which seems to be a good base for any type of artwork for telling the human drama or conflict. This formula works well even for entertainment and it is often meticulously woven into the storyline of artwork, but that is not how I arrived at this work.

I wanted to show what happens when you are watching your own kids and trying to capture it for the family album and something goes wrong.  The two boys get increasingly frustrated with the game, try to combat the opponent, and end up being entwined in a real and viscous battle where our sets of dichotomies demonstrated when  a couple hundred still images shot for the album put together.
Soldiers swearing of the oath is the title of a series of paintings I am working on since the beginning of the year. These paintings are based on my experience in a training camp of a military in a far away country where every man, unless physically or mentally ill, must serve for 15 months in order to live freely after the age of 20.  The paintings depict the swearing of the oath ceremony where thousands of men caught in the moment of distraught and panic as they fail to walk and run and chant in unison because they are all different even though they seemed to be trained soldiers.

Vahap Avsar's "SEARGEANT" (part of a triptych), 2010



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