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One Less Lonely Man… Jean-François Bouchard at Galerie [SAS], Montreal

February 20, 2010 Artists No Comments

My somewhat facetious title for this article (taken from Justin Bieber’s tween hit) isn’t meant to poke fun at “idollators”, but rather an attempt to understand a group that functions outside the  mainstream.

Entitled, “Still life”, Jean-François Bouchard’s photographs display the blown up faces of dolls who have assumed the role of companion.  These dolls not only have names, but they have personalities and voices and they belong to men who wouldn’t trade them for a real woman if you paid them.  Quotes (taken from the various “idollators” whose dolls Bouchard photographed) accompany the pictures.

There’re worst things than living with dolls. Like, living alone.
– Everard

I don’t want to be seen as a pervert.  The church next door has a program for people addicted to sex. They become addicted to Jesus instead. I’m going tomorrow.
– Michael

When she returns (from repairs), it will pretty much be like a second honeymoon.
– Davecat

Curious, I looked up “Davecat’s” website.  Davecat is articulate, funny, and he likes Andy Warhol.  He also makes some rather interesting comments about Heidi Montag and her multiple plastic surgeries and the not always distinguishable line between what is real and what is plastic.  What’s more, Davecat’s companion, a doll by the name of Sidore-Chan, has her own web page as well.  She suggests that we look up her “lad’s blog”.  She mentions that Davecat is “giggling” because she used the word “abreast”.  She also has her own e-mail should anyone wish to contact her.

Sidore-Chan is Davecat’s creation.  She is an extension of Davecat, much in the same way those we love are extensions of ourselves.  Of course, we expect those we love to answer back and we expect them to have their own personalities and interests but on some deeper, darker, unconscious level, there is the occasional wish that they would just listen and do what we wanted them to.  It is this uncomfortable realization that makes Bouchard’s “Still Life” series so disturbing and yet so compelling.

Jean-François Bouchard’s “Still Life” is on exhibit at Galerie [SAS] (who authorized the publication of the photographs used in this post) from February 4th, 2010 until March 13th, 2010.


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