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October 16, 2009 Artists No Comments
Pellerin's "Atelier - Work in progress" (Courtesy: Galérie Orange)

Pellerin's "Atelier - Work in progress" (Courtesy: Galerie Orange)

Art Toronto is what’s next – specifically some of the artists that are being exhibited!  One of these artists is Denis Pellerin who is currently exhibiting at Galerie Orange. His show, entitled pulsions organique,  is a series of abstract paintings composed of various material found in his studio.  To see a picture of these paintings doesn’t do them justice.  They are extremely textural which lends them a physical presence.  To this end, I thought a picture of the artist’s studio would give a better idea of what is involved.  For example, Pellerin will take strips of canvas, paint them, and then place them onto his working canvas.  The end result is a layered, colorful work whose linearity is broken by “circular blobs” of color.   Not only is the overall effect playful, but there is, as well, a sense of motion.

Also coming up next week:  An interview with Jeffrey Spalding who is setting up the exhibition, Heartland at Art Toronto [check out next Wednesday’s Global Art], plus some pointers for new art collectors [check out Monday’s Art at Home].


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