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A Look at Contemporary Art Galleries: Galerie Orange

February 13, 2010 Artists 1 Comment

Located in Old Montreal, Galerie Orange was founded in 2003 as a sister gallery to Galerie Lacerte (Quebec City).  Since then, the gallery has undergone some changes, most notably in June, 2009, when it became independent from Galerie Lacerte and came under the exclusive direction of Nadia Niro.

Martin Bureau's "La densité de l'air", 2009, oil and acrylic on canvas (Courtesy Galerie Orange)

Pierre Durette's "Devotion", 2009, acrylic on wood (Courtesy Galerie Orange)

Since its inception, the gallery’s mandate has always been the promotion of Canadian artists, both emerging and internationally recognized.   The gallery boasts eight annual shows that both recognize and pay tribute to the different mediums being used by today’s artists – painting, printing, drawing, photography, sculpture and installations.  More importantly, however, the gallery represents a growing trend amongst contemporary Canadian art galleries, namely its understanding that the Canadian contemporary art scene is diverse and extends well beyond forests and lakes to include the landscape of today’s psyche.

To this end, Galerie Orange does not hesitate to represent artists who explore the socio-political issues of our times.  Contemporary art is nothing if not a commentary of our current reality and this is something Galerie Orange, and its rooster of artists, seem able to recognize.

Commenting on the diversity of today’s contemporary art world, Nadia Niro states:

Nicolas Ruel's "Anthology" (Courtesy Galerie Orange)

Eveline Boulva's "Sur la Cote-Nord" (Courtesy Galerie Orange)

“In today’s international art market new mediums and styles of art are encouraged and recognized. While some artists wish to expand and extend their artistic practices away from the traditional art forms, there is still a strong presence of what we know as traditional mediums, such as painting and drawing. We try as much as possible to represent a diverse form, style and medium of art, offering our audience a varied range of works being created in today contemporary art world.

Furthermore, Canadian contemporary artists are not only influenced by Canada and all that is within it, they are also inspired by other nations around the world that have settled and emigrated to Canada. The diversity in style and subject matter from province to province is an example of how diverse Canadian contemporary art is, and reinforces the difficulty in defining Canadian Contemporary art as a whole. Canada’s diversity is what differentiates Canadian contemporary artists from others around the world. There are various elements that make up Canadian contemporary art, and whilst it may not be as distinct as African art, or Latin American art, there is definitely a feeling that comes from Canadian contemporary art which is uniquely connected to Canada’s multiculturalism and land.”

About Nadia Niro:

Nadia Niro

Nadia graduated from The Study in 1997. She continued her studies at Lower Canada College pre-university program before perusing her Bachelors in Arts (major in Sociology) at Queen’s university in Kingston, Ontario. During her third year in University she studied abroad at the Queen’s castle in East Sussex, England. Still enamored with England, Nadia decided that she would pursue job opportunities in London. In 2003, She was offered a job in new business development at 20/20 Limited, a retail branding and design consulting company. Shortly after, she went back to school full time to complete her Masters degree in Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. At the end of her studies at Sotheby’s and three years of living in London she returned to Montreal to pursue her career in the art world. Back at home, Nadia participated in the opening of Parisian Laundry, a new contemporary art space while completing her thesis. In 2007, Nadia Niro became an associate in Galerie Orange alongside the two existing partners. In June 2009, Galerie Orange entered a new phase in which it is operating independently from its associates, under the exclusive direction of Nadia Niro.


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