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EdiRogersEdi Rogers
I live and work in Bristol in the UK and I have recently graduated from the University of the Creative Art in Farnham, Surrey. My practice take on many forms through painting, photograph, sculpture as well as performance and dance, but my main working area and inspiration comes from my interest in the inner workings of the human being and how it behaves in a social environment.

Another concept that I feel strongly influences my works are the ideas of existentialism or the constructed realities, the possibility of another world of consciousness and the powers of the mind over the brain. These interests come from my love of such classic books and movies as Jules Verne’s ‘The Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ or Pierre Boulle’s ‘Planet of the Apes’, and the work of surrealist and futurist artists such as Dali and Balla. These optimistic forms of imagery inspire me heavily and I love they’re energy while making direct comment on the ideas of social and inner-human systems and changes visually. It is my feeling that in a situation of repression as we are in now, that more artists could find hope and revelation while looking at how artist like Balla demanded for and embracied social change with such enthusiasms.

The passion for these films and artists may also be seen to go alongside my upbringing in a household where both my parents are medically trained. My mother being a physiotherapist and my father having a professional background in mental health, I have always been involved in a world that asked questions about how things work, or as it’s more clear and important to me now, how we as humans work, physical and mentally.




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