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DagmarGlausnitzerSmithDagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith

I graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in 2000 and as part of my MA course; I was a visiting lecturer at Canterbury Art School and part-time foundation tutor for Art and Design at Dartford Adult Education Centre. In my approach to Theoretical Studies and taking the student’s creative level into account I was able to develop a multi-purpose and dynamic teaching structure where interactive participation, field trips and individual learning successes was my main emphasis. Other areas like portfolio evaluation and presentation skills lead at the end of the year to a high success rate of getting participants into higher education with estimation towards their own professional development and a basis for self-assurance and confidence in their creative expression. There was a 95% success rate of students reaching their academic goals after completion of their Foundations studies.

After my Degree, I was asked to assist Brian McCann (Senior Lecturer and professional artist) at Kingston University, Kingston University Fine Art) in the InterMedia Dept with lecturing and working with students at the BA Fine Art Faculty, creating group seminars, addressing issues of studio practice and idea evaluation during Module Tutorials and Assessments as well as organizing discussion groups with topics like professional practice and presentation skills.

In the following years, during my research fellowship 2001 – 2003, I was teaching 66 days in the academic year at Kingston University Fine Art BA Course where I developed concepts for two different workshops being taught as the Level One/Two Options: Live Art Performance Workshop and Experimental Drawing. My own professional practice in the Picker Gallery’s studio was accessible at all times for the students. We discussed individual concerns during individual tutorials, performance festivals were organized within a team, exhibitions as ‘soirees’ took place and it was my aim to promote contextual debates about the artist’s niche in a contemporary art society.

My position now at Kingston University is Senior Lecturer and International Project Manager which also involves an intercultural Performance Program called Werktag formed in conjunction with international, regional Universities/Institutions in a three day site-specific Live Art Workshop. Werktag 3 and Werktag 4 took place in European cities such as Berlin between 2004 and 2005. This involves my acquired skills in organizing local funds, liaising with European exchange programs, planning, and scheduling for such projects as Werktag.

As a professional, practicing artist I have always enjoyed working within the team of my colleagues as well as being responsible for the management of small group projects for students. As a team member I have recently assisted Dawn Richards, Tower Hamlets College, London with lecturing and individual tutorials for portfolio review and assessments.

I understand the artist-teaching-student relationship as a dynamic, interactive and practical experience leading to learning objectives such as documentation, individual idea process, context and place, professional practise and presentation strategies.

Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith
Senior Lecturer and International Project Manager
Bahnhofstrasse 33
38381 Jerxheim-Bahnhof




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