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With a Masters degree in Art History collecting dust, I thought it would be worthwhile to start a website on art.  Well, guess what?  I started and it has taken a life of its own, sort of like an adventure where anything is possible.

I love art!  I love looking at it, I love talking about it, I love writing about it – so a site seems a natural way to go.  This site is about collecting art by learning about art.  How does one learn?  As an art critic I educate myself and I do this by checking out art and thinking and writing about it!  This site is about checking out art today:   what artists are doing, what galleries are exhibiting, what collectors are putting in their homes and offices.   While my main focus is Canadian art, I do not believe we can discuss one country’s art without understanding what is going on in the art world.  To this end, I have separated the site into four sections: 1] ART THOUGHTS [different ideas and thoughts about art,  as well as the different existing forums where you can learn about art];  2] GLOBAL ART [what’s going on around the world];  3) ARTISTS [a look at specific artists and what they are trying to achieve]; 4) WHAT’S NEXT [a quick look on what we’re working on].

When asked, What is art?, Warhol famously answered, “Art is a man’s name.”  But art is more than a man’s name.  Art is worth making, having, and writing about.



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